Elastic tension stabilizes the mount taking play out of the assembly. It makes the system wobble free and positions the optic consistently. 


Suitable for issue to large units with a wide user base. The NOD Retention Lanyard is affordably priced with the infantry in mind. 


Easily installed by the end user without special tools or expertise. The design is robust, simple and field ready.


Proven design allows for the application of a uniform SOP across the entire unit. Easy to implement and verify, it fosters consistency with no room for uneven interpretation.


Does not interfere with the function of the optic. This add-on solution is built around your gear and does not alter, change, modify or compromise usability.   



Metal hooks with heavy duty elastic cord have no place anywhere near your eyes. The NOD Retention Lanyard uses releasable buckles that pull away from the face.



Attaches and disconnects quickly and easily. Side release buckles provide a single point of attachment, positively securing the optic and easy to disengage.


Requires no alteration of host mount or optic to integrate with issued equipment. The NOD Retention Lanyard works with the equipment you take into the field every day. 


Simple design is reliable under field conditions. Designed to function where it's needed most because complicated gear stays packed in seabags or left in shipping containers.

Low profile to minimize snag hazards. The minimalist design keeps out of your way when not in use. When employed the assembly remains tight with no excess. 

You'll appreciate how little clutter there is when the sun comes up and the optic goes back in the pouch because we know night operations are only part of your job.

The optional Dummy Cord Clip interfaces with MOLLE webbing creating a secondary point of attachment for added security when the optic is stored in a pouch.